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My Story 

Foolishly, when my children were younger, I introduced them to chocolate chip waffles. Suffice it to say – they loved them! While I thought I was cooking a treat for special occasions, it turned out the kids wanted them every weekend. Soon millions of kids (or so it seemed) turned up at my house on Saturdays and Sundays for Mama’s Waffle Weekend Party. I quickly invested in a second waffle maker to keep up with the demand. But hey – being so busy making waffles for the kids left me no time to prepare and eat a healthy breakfast for myself. I finally combatted this by adding oatmeal to the batter and saying no to the chocolate chips. As time went on I continued to modify the recipe into a delicious, healthy, gluten-free, oatmeal based breakfast, sweetened only with fruit, that taste delicious cold or hot, making it the perfect food to eat anytime, any place.

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